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Academic/training institutions worldwide

Australia | Austria | Canada | Chile | Denmark | Estonia | Finland | France | Germany | Hong Kong | Hungary | India | Ireland | Israel | Italy | Latvia | Luxembourg | Malaysia | Netherlands | Norway | Poland | Puerto Rico | Russian Federation | Slovakia | Slovenia | Spain | Sweden | Turkey | United Kingdom | United States |


 Monash University 

 National Institute of Dramatic Art 

 Stanislavsky Method Acting Workshops for those who would like to act professionally  (Recommended by Natela.)

 University of New England 

 Victorian College of the Arts - School of Drama 


 Institut für Theaterwissenschaft 


 Acting Studio  (Recommended by Lisa Kagan.)

 Mount Allison University 

 National Theatre School of Canada  (Recommended by Xavier Forget.)

 Optative Theatrical Laboratories  (Recommended by Donovan King.)

 Redeemer University College Theatre Arts Department  (Recommended by Raymond Louter.)

 The University College Drama Program  (Recommended by Bridget MacIntosh.)

 Theatre studies in Newfoundland  (Recommended by roy Hansen-robitschek.)

 Toronto Association of Acting Studios  (Recommended by Kay Kanbayashi.)

 University of Guelph 

 University of Toronto Graduate Centre for Study of Drama  (Recommended by Stephen Farrow.)

 University of Victoria 

 University of Waterloo - Department of Drama and Speech Communication  (Recommended by Gerd Hauck.)


 Contemporary Theater-playwright  (Recommended by Ramón Griffero.)



 Higher Theatre School of Estonian Academy of Music  (Recommended by Ingo Normet.)


 Theatre Academy of Finland 


 comedy, mime and flower !  (Recommended by menais jean jacques.)

 FACT : Franco-American Cinema and Theatre  (Recommended by Anne Jacqueline.)


 Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Leipzig 

 HU, Berlin 

 Universitĺt Frankfurt 

Hong Kong

 The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts  (Recommended by Bill Chu.)



 Centre for Performing Arts (Lalit Kala Kendra)  (Recommended by Praveen Bhole.)

 National School of Drama, India  (Recommended by Praveen Bhole.)

 Tibetan Institute for the Performing Arts 


 Irish based training programme  (Recommended by John Carty.)

 Samuel Beckett Centre for Drama and Theatre Studies 


 Tel Aviv University 

 University of Haifa 


 Archimimus  (Recommended by Andrea Belmonte.)

 Universita' di Firenze 


 International University Global Theatre Experience  (Recommended by Inga Ryazanova.)

 The International University "Global Theatre Experience"  (Recommended by Olga Dolgova.)


 THEATRE INFO LUXEMBOURG  (Recommended by Alain Holtgen.)


 Asian Centre, Penang, Malaysia  (Recommended by Ghulam-Sarwar Yousof.)


 University of Utrecht 



Puerto Rico

 University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras Campus  (Recommended by Miriam Acosta Montalvo.)

Russian Federation

 "Russkiye Notchi" (Russian Nights) Theater  (Recommended by Alexander Markov.)

 Chekhov Lab 

 Moscow Art Theater Semester  (Recommended by David B. Jaffe.)

 Russian Drama School  (Recommended by Vitali Kolesnik.)

 THEATRE CLASS by Igor Lysow  (Recommended by Igor Lysow.)



 Academy for theatre, radio, film and television  (Recommended by Tomaz Gubensek.)


 Barakaldo, a city theater  (Recommended by joseba lazkano.)

 Institut del Teatre- Barcelona (Spain) 

 Taller de Artes Escénicas.  (Recommended by Dafni Valor.)


 Academy Of Acting Stockholm 

 Malmö Theatre Academy  (Recommended by Henrik Lagergren.)

 The Theatrestudio  (Recommended by Micke Klingvall.)

 Wendelsbergs teater & skolscen  (Recommended by Jan Wennergren.)


 Turkish Theatre, Department of Performing Arts  (Recommended by Semih Celenk.)

United Kingdom

 Arts Educational London Schools 

 Bretton Hall  (Recommended by Scott Palmer.)

 Central School of Speech and Drama 

 Comedy-Dramas for Year 10 & 11 students  (Recommended by Dr. Roger Peters.)

 Conference of Drama Schools 

 dartington college of arts home page  (Recommended by robert walton.)

 East 15 Acting School, London 

 Jack Hylton Archive  (Recommended by Liz Fawcett.)


 Liverpool Institute of the Performing Arts 

 Liverpool John Moores University 

 Manchester Metropolitan University  (Recommended by Prof. Robin Nelson.)

 Mountview Theatre School 

 National Council for Drama Training (NCDT) 

 One of the biggest Theatre Schools in the UK  (Recommended by Michael Balfour.)

 Oxford School of Drama 


 Rose Bruford College  (Recommended by Richard Berry.)

 Royal Holloway College 

 School of Community and Performing Arts, King Alfred's University College  (Recommended by Dr Michael Balfour.)

 TalentRoom at Andrew Manson  (Recommended by John Dune.)

 The Rage Ensemble, Birmingham  (Recommended by Owen Radmore.)

 Theatre, Film & Television Studies  (Recommended by Michael McCann.)

 Traditional African Theatre  (Recommended by Alex OMA-PIUS.)

 University of Bristol 

 University of Hull 

 University of Lancaster 

 University of North London 

 University of Wales, Aberystwyth 

 University of Warwick 

 Welsh College of Music and Drama 

United States

 Acting the Folio  (Recommended by Elizabeth Shipley.)

 Actors Theatre Workshop  (Recommended by Matthew Meis.)

 American Academy of Mime  (Recommended by Cary Trivanovich.)

 American Conservatory Theater  (Recommended by Eric J Lamothe.)

 Angelina College  (Recommended by Patrick Vaughn.)

 Appalachian State University 

 Arizona State University 

 Arizona State University West 

 Baltimore Actors' Theatre Conservatory  (Recommended by Michele Flynn.)

 Boston University 

 California State University Dominguez Hills 

 California State University Fresno 

 California State University Long Beach 

 Case Western Reserve University  (Recommended by Jerrold Scott.)

 CENTAURI SUMMER ARTS CAMP  (Recommended by Craig Hartley.)

 Chapito  (Recommended by Nuno Ricou.)

 Columbia University  (Recommended by Deb Styer.)

 Dell'arte International School of Physical Theatre, CA 

 Drew University 

 Franklin College 

 Humboldt University 

 Indiana University of Pennsylvania  (Recommended by Barbara Blackledge.)

 Marin Theatre Conservatory for the Performing Arts  (Recommended by Jeffrey Draper.)

 National Theater Institute  (Recommended by Kato McNickle.)

 New World Performance Laboratory  (Recommended by James Slowiak.)

 North Carolina Central University  (Recommended by Tim Carter.)

 Northern Kentucky University 

 Professional Performance Network  (Recommended by Diane Howard, Ph.D..)

 Sam Houston State University Theatre & Dance  (Recommended by Thomas F. Soare.)

 San Diego State University 

 San Francisco State University 

 Screen Actors Studio  (Recommended by Sonia Darmei.)

 Southern Oregon University, Ashland 

 State University of New York at Oswego  (Recommended by Jon Vermilye.)

 Texas A&M University - Commerce  (Recommended by Anne Bomar.)

 The Acting - Drama Therapy Centre of New York  (Recommended by Charles di Cagno.)

 The Actors Theatre Workshop  (Recommended by Sean Slater.)

 The American Academy of Dramatic Arts  (Recommended by David Zarko.)

 The Florida State University 

 The Theatre School, DePaul University  (Recommended by Lara Goetsch.)

 Theatre Cryptic  (Recommended by Claire Findlay.)

 Tisch School of the Arts: Undergraduate Drama  (Recommended by Jesse Merz.)

 Union University 

 University of Alaska at Anchorage 

 University of Arizona 

 University of Califorina Irvine 

 University of California San Diego 

 University of Central Florida Theatre Department  (Recommended by Joe Patti.)

 University of Delaware 

 University of Illinois at Chicago 

 University of Maine 

 University of Minnesota  (Recommended by Karen Juers-Munby.)

 University of Missouri Columbia (MU)  (Recommended by Kerri Packard.)

 University of Northern Colorado  (Recommended by Jonathan Prichard.)

 University of Texas at Austin 

 University of Utah 

 University of Virginia 

 University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Department of Theatre Arts  (Recommended by Krista Shulka.)

 Wagner College 

 Wake Forest University 

 Wayne State University 

 Western Michigan University  (Recommended by Dan Spagnuolo.)

 Yale School of Drama 

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