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Theatre companies worldwide

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 5 Sesiones Teatro y Títeres  (Recommended by Roberto Sancho.)

 Danza Butoh 

 De La Guarda  (Recommended by Scott Palmer.)

 Fancy Fun Group - Educational Plays  (Recommended by Martin.)

 Grupo Laboratorio de Teatro "EL RAYO MISTERIOSO"  (Recommended by Martín.)

 La Comedia de Campana 

 Lab. Theatre Team EL RAYO MISTERIOSO  (Recommended by Veronica.)

 Serrano, Santiago :Theatre  (Recommended by Santiago Serrano.)

 Teatro Colòn 



 Access Arts  (Recommended by Stephen Scott.)

 Adelaide Central School of Art 

 Adelaide Festival 

 Adelaide Fringe Festival 

 Adelaide Repertory Theatre 

 Adelaide Theatre Guide  (Recommended by Rod Lewis.)

 Australian International Arts Festivals 

 Aviva Sheb'a -- Vocal Dance 

 Backbone  (Recommended by Stephen Scott.)

 Barking Gecko Theatre Company  (Recommended by Lou Westbury.)

 Bendigo Theatre Company 

 Bendigo Theatre Company Home Page  (Recommended by Michael Oerlemans.)

 Black Swan Theatre Company - Perth Western Australia  (Recommended by Lynn Loganathan.)

 Canberra Philharmonic Society 

 Canberra Repertory Society 

 Canberra Theatre 

 Centenary Theatre Group  (Recommended by Margaret Bell.)

 Clocked-Out Productions 

 Cloudburst Productions 

 Elbow Theatre 

 Entertainment for tomorrow's world 

 Federal Department of Communications and the Arts 

 Frank: Austral Asian Theatre Ensemble  (Recommended by Christopher Totten.)

 Galleon Theatre Group 

 Geelong Repertory Society Inc. 

 Glen Street Theatre  (Recommended by Angela Gannon.)

 Her Majesty's Theatre, Ballarat  (Recommended by Peter Freund.)

 Independent Theatre Association (Australia)  (Recommended by Grant Malcolm.)

 Independent Theatre Inc - Adelaide  (Recommended by Sheree Sellick.)

 Japan/Australian fusion theatre  (Recommended by Annette Schoenberg.)

 Knee High Puppeteers 

 La Boite  (Recommended by Stephen Scott.)

 Mandurah Performing Arts Centre  (Recommended by Donna Doust.)

 Marian Street Theatre | Sydney Australia  (Recommended by Anthony Ward.)

 Melbourne Theatre Company 

 Northern Light Theatre Company 

 Perth International Arts Festival 

 Phoenix Theatre Productions  (Recommended by Mark Hishion.)

 Playbox Theatre Centre 

 Port Youth Theatre Workshop 

 Queensland Theatre Company  (Recommended by Stephen Scott.)

 Riverina Theatre Company 

 Shadow Industries Theatre Company  (Recommended by K.Bodonyi.)

 SHY - Seen and Heard Youth  (Recommended by Kim Flintoff.)

 Splash Theatre Company 

 Starring Sally Divine - a one-woman play with music  (Recommended by Darryl Burrows.)

 State Theatre SA 

 Stellarc Black Box Shows 


 Sydney Opera House 

 Sydney Theatre Company 

 Temple state Installations  (Recommended by Clint hurrell.)

 The Bell Shakespeare Company  (Recommended by Claire Molloy.)

 The Fool Factory  (Recommended by Mark Johnson.)

 The Street Theatre  (Recommended by Adrian Edwards.)

 Theatre Australia 

 Theatre in Western Australia  (Recommended by Carolyn Chard.)

 Theatre of Image 

 Theatre of mystery, imagination and the fantastique  (Recommended by John Hanks.)

 University Theatre Ensemble 

 Unseen Theatre Company 

 Upstage Theatre Company 

 Victorian Youth Theatre & Young Australian Broadway Chorus 

 Wagga Wagga School of Arts 

 Williams Lake Studio Theatre 


 Burgteater, Wien 

 die-seemaenner  (Recommended by seemann kajetan.)

 ElisabethBühne, Salzburg 

 English Lovers  (Recommended by Martin Buxbaum.)

 impro-X improtheater wien 

 Karl-Theater Gießhübl b. Wien - Amateurtheater Mödling Theatergruppe  (Recommended by Alexander Rittler.)

 neuebuehnevillach  (Recommended by Martin Hassler.)

 Posthof, Linz 

 Salzburger Marionettentheater 

 Schauspielhaus, Wien 

 Stadt Theater Wien  (Recommended by Fred Büchel.)

 Stadttheater, Klagenfurt 

 Theater an der Wien, Wien 

 Theater Asou 

 Theater Phönix, Linz 

 Theatre and culture for kids  (Recommended by Roman Wuketich.)

 Tiroler Landestheater, Innsbruck 


 Belarus: Culture, Arts and Museums: Theatre  (Recommended by Nikolai N. Kostyukovich.)

 Minsk Drama Theatre "Dze-Ya?" 



 Amateur theatre group 'Pinokkelijn' - Essen, Antwerp  (Recommended by Marc Vergouwen.)

 Amateurteater Hoger Streven 

 Blauw Vier 

 British American Theatrical Society or BATS  (Recommended by Brian Edwards.)

 De Goubloem 

 De Reynaertghesellen 

 Dutch-Flemish Theatre Festival 

 Het Collectief Ai 

 Het Collectief Ai  (Recommended by

 Het Gevolg 

 Hoger Streven  (Recommended by Jan VAN BESIEN.)

 Pokus Pats 

 Pokus Pats Home Page - Amateur Theatre Wemmel - Belgium  (Recommended by pokus pats.)

 Studio Notus 

 Teater Aksiedent 

 Teater De Schizo's 


 Theater Cartouche vzw  (Recommended by Guy Van den Eijnden.)

 Theater TRAC 

 Theaterhuis  (Recommended by Lennart Creël.)

 Toneelgezelschap Het Gezicht 

 Toneelgroep Kattenheye Laarne 

 VaarTTeater Wijgmaal  (Recommended by Kris Dejongh.)

 Vlaams Theater Instituut 


 Brazilian Theatre and Drama 

 Cia de Investigação - "Um Deus de Plástico"  (Recommended by Silvana Abreu.)

 Companhia Ensaio Aberto  (Recommended by Marcelo Cabanas.)

 FIO Teatro de Marionetes  (Recommended by Paulinho de Jesus.)

 Galeria Brasil Virtual 

 Grupo Band-Aid - Brazil  (Recommended by Janilton.)

 Grupo Tempo  (Recommended by Roberto Mallet.)

 Laboratório do Ator de Campinas  (Recommended by José Tonezzi.)

 Seres de Luz Teatro  (Recommended by Lily Curcio.)

 Teatro Mínimo - Brasil / Índia  (Recommended by Almir Ribeiro.)

 Teatro Municipal Joäo Caetano 

 Teatro para crianças 

 Teatro Santa Izabel 


 A Company of Fools 

 Alberta Theatre Projects 

 AQT Vancouver - A Queer Theatre  (Recommended by Terry Costa.)

 Arts Club Theatre Company  (Recommended by Paula Muncaster Walker.)

 Association of Summer Theatres 'Round Ontario  (Recommended by Vinetta Strombergs.)

 Bard on the Beach 

 Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival  (Recommended by Julie Fowler.)

 Belfry Theatre  (Recommended by Mark Dusseault.)

 Belleville Theatre Guild 

 Beothuck Street Players 

 Binbrook Little Theatre -- Community Theatre in Southern Ontario  (Recommended by Seth Nettles.)

 Brookstone Performing Arts  (Recommended by Brett Dewing.)

 Canada's Most Northern Professional Theatre  (Recommended by Dawn Curtis.)

 Centre for Indigenous Theatre 

 Children's Theatre  (Recommended by Lisa Kagan.)

 Chimaera Productions 

 Cirque du Soleil 

 Curtain Call Players 

 Domino Theatre 

 du Maurier World Stage Festival / Harbourfront Centre for the Performing Arts 

 Erindale Studio Theatre 

 eXpect Theatre 

 Fishbowl Theatre 

 Georgetown Little Theatre 

 German Theatre Montreal, Deutsches Theater Montreal  (Recommended by Harald Winter.)

 Great Big Theatre Company 

 La Toile du Quèbec 

 Le Carrousel, Theatre Company  (Recommended by Suzanne Lebeau - Gervais Gaudreault, Co-directors.)

 Le Grand Petit Théâtre 

 Le Matou Noir 

 Le Théâtre lyrique de Hull 

 Live Bait Theatre 

 Live Theatre in Vancouver  (Recommended by William Johnston.)

 Manitoba Theatre for Young People  (Recommended by Alison Mitchell.)

 Mermaid Theatre 

 Mighty Brave Productions  (Recommended by Lisa Wegner.)

 Mixed Company 

 Mortal Coil Performance Society 

 Necessary Angel Theatre Company  (Recommended by John R. Farrell.)

 Neptune Theatre 

 New City Improv 

 Niagara Artists Company and Vagabond Theatre 

 Once Upon a Theatre Productions 

 One Yellow Rabbit Theatre 

 Opera Mississauga 

 Optative Theatrical Laboratories  (Recommended by Donovan King.)

 Original Kids Theatre 

 Ottawa Little Theatre 

 P.M. Productions 

 Pacific Theatre  (Recommended by Anthony F. Ingram.)

 Partners In Crime 

 Pavlov's Dog Productions 

 Peterborough Improv Group 

 Peterborough Theatre Guild 

 Petit Théâtre de Sherbrooke 

 Playwrights' Workshop Montreal 

 Powerhouse Theatre 

 Prior Players 

 Ptarmigan Music & Theatre Society 

 Quèbec sur scéne 

 Rainbow Youth Theatre  (Recommended by Brent Reid.)


 Rubbed Raw Productions  (Recommended by Angus Kohm.)

 Sen'klip Native Theatre Company 

 Shaw Festival 

 Soulpepper Theatre Company 

 Stratford Festival 

 The Bard To Broadway Theatre Society Presents...  (Recommended by Ken Plumbly (Jr.).)

 The Beothuck Street Players  (Recommended by Michael Coady.)

 The Canadian Stage Company 

 The Flashlight Production Co. 

 The Great Canadian Theatre Company 

 The Great Canadian Theatre Company  (Recommended by roy Hansen-robitschek.)

 The Lakeside Players 

 The Mousetrap  (Recommended by Peter Peroff.)

 The Port Theatre 

 The Seat of Your Pants Theatre Company 

 Theatre & Company 

 Theatre Alive 

 Theatre Classics in a Heritage Space  (Recommended by David Fanstone.)

 Thèâtre du Rire et des Larmes 

 Theatre Junction  (Recommended by Nikki Lundmark.)

 Theatre Lac Brome 

 Théâtre Lac Brome  (Recommended by Maurice Singfield.)

 Theatre Offstage  (Recommended by Boris Treivus.)

 Théâtre Passe-Muraille 

 Thèâtre Periscope 


 Theatres World Wide -- Canada  (Recommended by Catherine Matzig.)

 Third Wall Theatre Co.  (Recommended by Ryan Anderson.)

 Threshold Theatre 

 UNI Theatre 

 Upstart Crow Theatre Group 

 Vancouver Island Theater Site  (Recommended by Lyne Ayotte.)

 Vancouver Island theatres 

 Women's Theatre and Creativity Centre 

Central African Republic

 Guide du Théâtre en Afrique 


 Cultural Centres 

 Teatro Fin de Siglo  (Recommended by Ricardo balic.)

 Teatro Municipal de Santiago 


 Investigaciones escénicas de Cuba  (Recommended by José A. Murrieta.)

Czech Republic

 Divadlo pod Palmovkou  (Recommended by Petr Nasic.)

 Studio dell´arte - independent puppet theatre  (Recommended by Kateøina Melenová.)

 The Drama Club  (Recommended by Èinoherní klub.)


 contemporary theatre  (Recommended by N.cederholm.)

 excellent contemporary chamber operas  (Recommended by Claudia Evers.)

 Granhøj Dans / Granhoj Dance  (Recommended by Hans Jorgen Sahl.)

 Hotel Pro Forma  (Recommended by Paul-Philippe Péronard.)

 Odin Teatret 

 Teater FÄR302 

Dominican Republic

 Teatro Gayumba 


 Yaaru Theatre Company  (Recommended by Omar Kamel.)


 Pärnu teater Endla  (Recommended by Ivar Põllu.)

 Viljandi Draamateater Ugala 


 "makes your life easier"  (Recommended by Vesa-Petteri Asikainen.)

 CIRCUS MAXIMUS theatre  (Recommended by Mikko Kanninen.)

 Finnish National Opera 

 Musical-Opera: The Pilgrim's Progress  (Recommended by Kalevi Ukkola.)


 Teatteriryhmä Id - Id Theatre 


 Agenda culturel de Haute Normandie 


 All the programs of Nuits Blanches and ZEM Theatres, in the Wazemmes district of Lille, in the north of France.  (Recommended by JF Le Maout.)


 Avignon 2001 

 Avignon Festival Off Theatre Le Funambule  (Recommended by alain igonet.)


 Compagnie professionnelle 4Cats, théâtre français español...  (Recommended by Mario Dragunsky.)

 Compagnie Renata Scant 

 Festival d'automne 

 Festivals in France 

 Footsbarn Travelling Theatre  (Recommended by John Kilby.)

 Grenoble - Le Petit Bulletin 

 Intrepido (Corporel mime featuring) 

 La Compagnie des Barbares (group of french and swiss actors)  (Recommended by Jérôme Dupleix.)

 La Pluie d'Oiseaux  (Recommended by Bertrand Foly.)

 Le Theatre Varembert  (Recommended by Antoine ISIDOR.)

 Les Nuits de Wazemmes  (Recommended by JF Le Maout.)

 Les Objets Volants 



 Lyon: culture and entertainment 



 Metz: Opera-thèâtre 



 Passion Thèâtre 




 theatre company 4Cats (France)  (Recommended by Danielle Loup.)

 Théatre de la Cuvette  (Recommended by Charlotte Benoit.)

 Thèâtre du Soleil 

 Théâtre en Bretagne (France)  (Recommended by Sabrina Rapp.)

 Thèâtre National de Chaillot 


 Worldwide Festival of Puppet Theatres 



 Berlinarte Revista Internacional de Cultura  (Recommended by David Luik.)

 Darmstadt, Germany's ONLY English speaking theatre!  (Recommended by Elle Shepard.)

 DEREVO  (Recommended by DEREVO.)

 Deutscher Bühnenverein 

 DWARD - Freies Theater in Erlangen 

 german stage service (Marburg)  (Recommended by Rolf Michenfelder.)

 independant company for contemporary opera  (Recommended by Claus Martin.)

 Ingrid Irrlicht and partners  (Recommended by Chris Baudissin, Bavarian TV, Documentary Dept.)

 Komische Oper 

 LIMA - Literarisches Marionettentheater  (Recommended by Andreas Weiner.)

 MÜNCHNER GALERIE THEATER  (Recommended by Ingmar Thilo.)


 New Theatregroup of Wuppertal 

 ohrpilot - acoustic theatre  (Recommended by Andreas Tiedemann.)

 Opera in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland  (Recommended by Andreas Praefcke.)

 Schaubühne am lehniner platz 

 The English Theatre of Hamburg  (Recommended by Robert Rumpf.)

 The House of World Cultures  (Recommended by Jan Koehler.)

 Theater Alte Feuerwache 

 Theater DIE RABEN - Bonn  (Recommended by Hans-Dieter Ilgner.)

 THeateralmanach 2000/2001  (Recommended by Bernd Steets.)

 theaterportal Germany  (Recommended by Kai Festersen.)

 Theaterszene Köln 

 Tübingen Anglo-Irish Theatre Group 

 University Players 

 Waldau Theater - Komödie Bremen 


 A brief history of the Greek alternative theatre venue  (Recommended by Geo Kakoudaki.)

 Alice in theaterland  (Recommended by Alice Katsavou.)

 Contemporary Theatre of Athens - George Kimoulis  (Recommended by George Kimoulis.)

 Kesariani Theatre 

 National Theater of Greece  (Recommended by Achilles Maroulis.)

 Theatromathia  (Recommended by Theatromathia.)

Hong Kong

 Chung Ying Theatre Company  (Recommended by Chan Yuk-lan.)

 Hongkong 105 Drama Society  (Recommended by Vita Ai.)

 Prospects Theatre Company  (Recommended by Chan Yuk-lan.)

 Theatre du Pif  (Recommended by Chan Yuk-lan.)

 Theatre Fanatico  (Recommended by Chan Yuk-lan.)


 Centre for Hungarian Alternative Theatres  (Recommended by Gyorgyi Bodon.)

 Dance Theater of Danube New City  (Recommended by Csibri Balázs.)

 house of contemporary arts  (Recommended by Krisztina Konya.)

 Kolibri Theatre Budapest  (Recommended by Bodnar Zoltan.)

 maladype, theatre of encounters  (Recommended by Dévai Balázs.)

 NetStageOne Cyber Theatre  (Recommended by Istvan Baranyai.)

 NetStageOne Cyber Theatre 


 Akureyri Theatre 

 Icelandic National Theatre  (Recommended by Vigdís Jakobsdóttir.)


 india's theatre  (Recommended by javed siddiqi.)


 Magic Lantern 

 Master Fulmani: An original Indian Play  (Recommended by Manoj Shah.)

 One-Man Show 

 Play by all Blind Actors  (Recommended by Swagat Thorat.)

 Progressive Dramatic Association, Pune  (Recommended by Shashikant Kulkarni.)

 Sopanam  (Recommended by Harikrishnan.)

 The Madras Players 

 The most controversial Indian play  (Recommended by Chandu Shah.)

 Theatre Arlequin 


 An Tairseach: Dingle, Co.Kerry  (Recommended by Michael Nangle.)

 Bedrock Theatre Company 

 Blue Raincoat Theatre Company  (Recommended by John Carty.)

 Crooked House Theatre Company, Ireland  (Recommended by Peter Hussey.)

 Druid Theatre 

 Dublin University Players 

 Gare St Lazare Players  (Recommended by Conor Lovett.)

 Hawk's Well Theatre, Sligo, Ireland  (Recommended by marcus counihan.)

 Irish based theatre company  (Recommended by John Carty.)

 Irish Theatre Resource 

 Island Theatre Compan y, Limerick, Ireland  (Recommended by Terry Devlin.)

 Macnas Theatre Company 

 Pan Pan Theatre 

 Taibhdhearc na Gaillimhe 

 The Abbey and Peacock Theatre 

 The Abbey Theatre - irelands national theatre  (Recommended by Rory concannon.)

 The Derry Repertory Theatre  (Recommended by Joanne Jones.)

 The Machine Theatre Company 

 Tobar na Rún 


 Israeli Cultural Exchange 

 Mimo the mime 


 Akeda  (Recommended by Rocco Lucente.)

 Alfa - Teatro Stabile dell'operetta e Compagnia Stabile di Operette Alfa Folies  (Recommended by Claudio Bertoni.)

 Arcanet - Teatro 


 Arena del Sole 

 art-it  (Recommended by Conti valter.)


 CDRC Coro Drammatico Renato Condoleo  (Recommended by Carolina Gentili.)

 CDRC- Coro Drammatico Renato Condoleo  (Recommended by Carolina Gentili.)

 Centro Teatro Studi di Napoli (Italia) web page  (Recommended by Ciro Giorgio.)

 Compagnia dei Folli - Street theatre, stilts, fire works,  (Recommended by Mauro Orsini.)

 Ente Lirico Arena 


 Freies Theater Bozen 

 Italian Company  (Recommended by CICO.)

 La Bottega Delle Maschere 

 La Compagnia "LA GOCCIA" di Novara 

 La Compagnia del Serraglio 

 La Fenice 

 La Scala 

 Les Amis 

 Miracle Players - English theatre in Rome, Italy  (Recommended by Eric Bassanesi.)

 Off-Night Repertory Theatre Company 

 Panoramica Teatro Italiano 

 PerkyPat Theatre company  (Recommended by Max Giobì.)

 Produzioni Teatrali Veneziane 

 Rag Doll Produzioni 

 Sicilia Teatro 

 Spoleto Festival 

 stream of consciousness  (Recommended by Emilio Lacosegliaz.)

 Teatri di Genova 

 Teatri di Milano, Parma, Bologna 

 Teatri di Vita 

 Teatro Carcano 

 Teatro comunale 

 Teatro de la Sena 

 Teatro Del Suono 

 Teatro di Roma 

 Teatro Duse 

 Teatro Lirico Sperimentale A Belli 

 Teatro Manzoni 

 Teatro Miela 

 Teatro Nazionale 

 Teatro Ventidio Basso 

 Teatro Verdi 


 Issho Kikaku 

 Seinendan  (Recommended by Hiroko Matsuda.)

 Tokyo Theatre Festival 2000 (report) 


 The Little Witch Theatre (Raganiukes Teatras)  (Recommended by Indre Minderiene.)


 Art Attitudes asbl  (Recommended by Alain Holtgen.)

 Theatrum_es  (Recommended by May Sánchez.)


 Asian Centre, Penang, Malaysia  (Recommended by Ghulam-Sarwar Yousof.)


 Rep21  (Recommended by Chae Lian.)

 The Actors Studio  (Recommended by Chae Lian.)


 CurtainRaiser Theatre Troupe Malta  (Recommended by Patrick Vella.)

 Opera, Music, Drama and Ballet  (Recommended by Josette Portelli.)

 SKENE  (Recommended by John Abela.)

Marshall Islands

 Manoel Theatre  (Recommended by Josette Portelli.)


 El taller de la comunidad 

 El Teatro Mexicano 

 Esferica Ludens, Compañía de Arte Representacional  (Recommended by Esférica Ludens.)


 Aids Positive Underground Theatre  (Recommended by Rod Evan.)

 Camere van Rhetorica St. Jan ten Steene 

 De Muzen 

 FACT Theatermakers  (Recommended by Harm Lambers.)

 Imperium Theater 

 International Theatreschool Festival 



 maatschappij discordia theatre company amsterdam  (Recommended by jj lamers.)

 Moose Virtual Theatre Magazine (go to links!) 


 Netherlands Dance Theater 

 Onafhankelijk Toneel / Opera O.T. (Independent Theatre)  (Recommended by Gerda Roest.)

 Persplex Theatre Company 

 ro theater  (Recommended by Bart Vieveen.)

 Stella den Haag 

 Stip Produkties 


 the home page of that celebrated actor-comic  (Recommended by artie swan.)

 Theater and Concert Online 

 theatergroep aluin  (Recommended by Erik Snel.)

 Theatre Embassy 

 Theatrewetenschap (Theatre Studies) 

 Toi Toi Toi 

 Toneelgroep De Appel  (Recommended by Hugo Maerten.)

New Zealand

 Footnote Dance Company 

 Papakura Theatre Club 


 About Oraclesrti  (Recommended by Henry Umunnakwe.)


 exit stage 

 Grenland Friteater 

 National Theatre 

 Petrusjka Teater 

 Stigespillerne  (Recommended by Kristine Engan-Skei.)

 Studentteateret Immaturus 

 The Oslo Players homepage  (Recommended by Bjørn Tore Elvedal.)

 The Oslo Players' homepage  (Recommended by Bjørn Tore Elvedal.)

 Transiteatret-bergen  (Recommended by Tore Vagn Lid.)


 PEER GROUP (Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop)  (Recommended by Faizaan Peerzada.)

 SANJH Theatre 


 Peruvian Playwrights Home Page 

 The "Tercera Llamada" theatre group from Lima, Perú  (Recommended by Sergio Velarde.)


 Asian Theatre: Asian Council for Peoples Culture  (Recommended by Geejay Arriola.)

 Integrated Performing Arts Guild 

 Kaliwat Theatre Collective of Mindanao 

 Mebuyan Peace Project  (Recommended by Geejay Arriola.)


 Cinema Theatre 

 COSmino  (Recommended by Rachel Karafistan & Kuba Pierzchalski.)

 Teatr Biuro Podrozy official website  (Recommended by Tomasz Kluczyñski.)

 Teatr Cogitatur  (Recommended by Marcin Herich.)

 Teatr Dialog Homepage  (Recommended by Dariusz Gabryelewicz.)

 Teatr Ósmego Dnia  (Recommended by Teatr Ósmego Dnia.)

 Teatr Porywacze Cial  (Recommended by Maciej Adamczyk.)

 TEATR STREFA CISZY  (Recommended by Adam Ziajski.)

 Theater Trakt - all informations  (Recommended by Iwona Przeplaska-Zwierzyñska.)

 Wroclaw Polski Theatre 


 Chapitô  (Recommended by Rui Rebelo.)

 Companhia Teatral do chiado 

 Festival de Teatro de Almada  (Recommended by Rui Rebelo.)

 Inestética Theatre Company 

 Teatro ao largo 

 Teatro do Morcego - Laboratório Oficina  (Recommended by Liliana Rosa.)

 Teatro dos Aloés  (Recommended by Rui Rebelo.)

 Teatro dos Aloés  (Recommended by Teatro dos ALoés.)

 Teatro Extremo 

 Teatro Os Papa-Léguas  (Recommended by Mário Jorge.)

 TeatroLinks  (Recommended by TeatroLinks.)

 TEC - Teatro Experimental de Cascais 

 Theatre Links  (Recommended by Rui Rebelo.)

Puerto Rico

 Teatro de Puerto Rico  (Recommended by Juan Gonzalez Bonilla.)

 TeatRUM  (Recommended by Jazari Rivera.)


 Romanian theatres  (Recommended by hristo Boytchev.)

 Teatrul National Craiova 

 UNITER: Theatre Union of Romania 

Russian Federation

 Clown - mime theatre "SHKIDY" - the best actors and artists in the "Puky Star" play.  (Recommended by Rishat Valitov.)

 Moscow Art Theatre 

 Theatre "Alter Ego" from Sankt-Petersburg, Russia  (Recommended by Alexander Klemantovich.)

 Theatre Company "Comic-Trust"  (Recommended by Alexandra Romanova.) is the super site for Moscow Bolshoi theater  (Recommended by r b.)

 Youth theatre on Fontanka, Sankt-Petersburg  (Recommended by Alexander Klemantovich.)


 Chameleon Productions Theatre Company Singapore  (Recommended by Denise Marsh.)

 Chameleon Productions Theatre Company Singapore  (Recommended by Denise Marsh.)

 The Singapore Theatre Guide  (Recommended by Ee-Hoon Khoo.)

 The small Theatre Online  (Recommended by Daniel Lim.)

 Theater Kami 


 BELTS - Bratislava English Language Theatre Society  (Recommended by Martin Dinga.)

 Conrad's list 

 PHENOMENONTHEATRE  (Recommended by Eduard Kudlac.)

 Slovakia Online: Theatres 


 one out of five memories  (Recommended by breda kralj.)

 Slovenian Theatre Information Centre 

 Zagreb Festival of New Theatre 

South Africa

 Industrial Theatre in Africa  (Recommended by Michelle Caldeira.)

 The High Street Theatre, Rosenpark, Tygerberg, Western Cape, South Africa  (Recommended by Anne Sewell.)


 Al Fondo Teatro: Compañia teatral de Valladolid.  (Recommended by Javier.)

 Arden Producciones 

 Artello-Teatro alla scala 1:5  (Recommended by Santi.)

 ASTILLERO (Dockyard Theatre). Word theatres for a new Millenium  (Recommended by Raúl Hernández-Garrido.)

 Centro Andaluz de Teatro 


 Golden Apple Quarte  (Recommended by oscar benito.)

 HORTZMUGA TEATROA  (Recommended by gorka zero.)


 La Compañía del Corral de Comedias de Almagro  (Recommended by Antonio León.)

 La Fura 

 La Pavana Companyia Teatral  (Recommended by José Fuentes.)

 Official Site of TEATROFIA, humor withaout words company  (Recommended by Juan Reyes.)

 Pluja Teatre  (Recommended by Pluja teatre.)

 Sitges Teatre Internacional  (Recommended by eduard vandellos.)

 TEATROFIA official web site  (Recommended by Juan Reyes.)

 Teatros en Sevilla 

 Títeres de María Parrato  (Recommended by María Parrato.)


 Copenhagen International Theater  (Recommended by Peter Oskarson.)

 English theatre Company in Stockholm  (Recommended by Christer Berg_Endro.)

 Folkteatern in Gavle  (Recommended by Peter Oskarson.)

 Kompani Komedi  (Recommended by Micke Klingvall.)

 Kompani Komedi 

 panikteatern  (Recommended by p-a strand.)

 Royal Dramatic Theatre of Sweden 

 Teater Allena 

 The English Theatre Company  (Recommended by Christer Berg.)

 Upsala Stadsteater 



 les montreurs d'images 

 Schweizer Theater  (Recommended by Ruedi Dürrwang.)


 Zurich theatres 

 zusammenstoss  (Recommended by Adi Blum.)

 ZZT: Zurich's Cynical Theatre Guide 

Syrian Arab Republic

 syrian theater group(Arabic, English, Frensh)  (Recommended by Iass Oueshek.)


 Godot Theatre Company 


 Anatole Sokak Oyunculari/Street Players  (Recommended by Umran Inceoglu.)

 BGST Tiyatro Bogazici  (Recommended by ahmet yalaz.)

 Chld Theatre  (Recommended by Kenan Halis Kizildag.)

 IWS_Institute of Wisecrack Standards  (Recommended by Ugur Uludag.)

 Tiyatro Bogazici Home Page  (Recommended by Baris Yeldiren.)

 Tiyatro Keyfi  (Recommended by Kemal Basar.)

 Ýstanbul Büyükþehir Belediyesi Þehir Tiyatrolarý Müdürlüðü  (Recommended by Mehmet Abdullah Kaplan.)


 Ukrainian theatre  (Recommended by Alex Chayka.)

United Kingdom

  Actors Touring Company  (Recommended by Rebecca Manson Jones.)

 104 Theatre Group 

 a great uk theatre company  (Recommended by andy chalk.)

 A thoroughly modern theatre company  (Recommended by Lance Milton.)

 Action Transport Theatre Company 

 Activated Image Theatre  (Recommended by Adam Barnard.)

 Adastra Theatre Company  (Recommended by robert iles.)

 Alderley & Wilmslow Amateur Operatic Society 

 Amateur Dramatics & Operatics Dotcom  (Recommended by J Morrine.)

 Antic Mind Theatre Company 

 Argonaut Productions (UK)  (Recommended by John Greco.)

 Bash Street Theatre Company 

 Beaconsfield Theatre Group  (Recommended by Eleanor Bateman.)

 Benchtours Productions 

 Big Telly Theatre Company 

 Birds of Paradise  (Recommended by Birds of Paradise.)

 Bloomsbury Theatre 

 Booster Cushion Theatre 

 Bouge-de-lá Theatre 

 Box Clever Theatre Company 

 Broadbent Theatre 


 Camden People's Theatre 

 Cardiff University Students Union Drama Society 

 Classical Northern Touring Theatre Company  (Recommended by Dee Anderson.)

 Colbury and Ashurst Theatrical Society  (Recommended by Stuart Ardern.)

 Collar and TIE 

 Comedy and drama in Central Lancashire  (Recommended by Gayle Knight.)

 Community Drama  (Recommended by Clive Holmwood.)

 Creation Theatre Company 

 Crowthorne Amateur Theatrical Society 

 Dover Operatic and Dramatic Society  (Recommended by Tallulah.)

 DV8 Physical Theatre 

 Education through drama  (Recommended by Poly Tapp.)

 Educational Theatre, Storytelling and Masks  (Recommended by Michael Addison.)

 English Touring Theatre  (Recommended by Theatre2001.)

 Escape Artists Theatre Company 

 Fascinating Aida 

 Festivals in the UK 

 Figment Theatre Company  (Recommended by Michael Addison.)

 Flat Four  (Recommended by robert iles.)


 Forbidden Theatre Company 

 Forced Entertainment  (Recommended by Juanita.)

 Foursight Theatre 

 Freakshow  (Recommended by Adrian Lochhead.)

 Gaiety Theatre 

 Gilbert and Sullivan groups in the UK 

 Gilt and Gaslight Touring Musical Theatre  (Recommended by Sheri Vickers.)

 Grand Theatre of Lemmings 

 Grey Coast Theatre Company 

 Hackney Empire 

 HamFisted! home page  (Recommended by John O Hanlon.)

 Hanover Productions 

 Hey Gringo! A stand up trilogy of one mans adventures in Latin America.  (Recommended by paul lowe.)

 Horla  (Recommended by Alistair Green.)

 Horse and Bamboo Theatre 

 Hull Truck Theatre Company 

 Hyperlink Theatre Company 

 Improbable Theatre 

 Inside Intelligence  (Recommended by Robert Shaw.)

 International Street Theatre, Projects, Collaborations  (Recommended by Dante Agostini.)

 Irish Theatre Company - in Britain  (Recommended by Gerry Molumby.)

 Leeds Children's Theatre  (Recommended by K Waddicor.)

 Leitheatre  (Recommended by Harry Kirkland.)

 Leitheatre Youth Workshop, Edinburgh 

 Leitheatre, Edinburgh 

 Liskeard Musical Theatre Company  (Recommended by Tim Coombe.)

 London Bubble 

 London Theatre Guide 

 London Theatre Information 

 Lusty Juventus physical theatre  (Recommended by Roberta Mock.)

 Magdalena Project 

 Malarkey Theatre Company  (Recommended by Claire Revill.)

 Maverick Theatre  (Recommended by Brian Harte.)

 Meeting Ground Theatre Company  (Recommended by Jonathan Chadwick.)

 Melksham Comedy Club 

 Modern Music Theatre Troupe 

 Muzikansky  (Recommended by Nicolette Kay.)

 Natural Theatre Company 

 Newcastle University Gilbert and Sullivan Society 

 No Mean Company  (Recommended by Linda Howitt.)

 Nottingham Playhouse  (Recommended by Richard Surgay.)

 NTC Touring Theatre 

 Otley Little Theatre, Otley, West Yorkshire, England  (Recommended by Jim Ranyard.)

 Out of Joint  (Recommended by Graham Cowley.)

 Oval House 

 Oxford Stage Company (currently unavailable) 

 Passionfruit Theatre 

 Patchwork Youth theatre's Home Site  (Recommended by Charles McIvor.)

 Plays On the Net  (Recommended by Chris Savery.)

 Portable Productions 

 Preistley Centre for the Arts ( Bradford Playhouse)  (Recommended by Christiaan Hohenzollern.)

 Priestley Centre for the Arts  (Recommended by Roger Beaumont.)

 Questors Theatre 

 Radical. Evil. Drama. Productions  (Recommended by J. Philips.)

 RAF Theatrical Association  (Recommended by robert iles.)

 Rage's Arts Information For All  (Recommended by Owen Radmore.)

 Rain or Shine Theatre Company  (Recommended by Ken Meekings.)

 Round Midnight Ltd  (Recommended by Stuart Lane.)

 Royal Court Theatre 

 Royal Exchange Theatre 

 Royal Lyceum Theatre 

 Royal National Theatre  (Recommended by Christopher Jones.)

 Royal Opera House 

 Scarlet Theatre  (Recommended by Kate Littlewood.)

 Scarlet Theatre  (Recommended by Kate Littlewood.)

 Second Thoughts 

 Spindrift Theatre Makers  (Recommended by Chris Paterson.)

 TAG Theatre Co  (Recommended by Carol Healas.)

 Tara Arts 

 Telstars Theatre Company  (Recommended by Stephen Katchi.)

 The Castle Players 

 The Common Players 

 the cornish theatre collective  (Recommended by Paul Nandi.)

 The Cuddington Players amateur dramatic and musical society  (Recommended by Claire Procter.)

 The Focus Group 

 The Green Theatre Company 

 The JFK Repertory Company 

 The Operating Theatre Company  (Recommended by Dave Doig.)

 The Rocket Theatre Company 

 Theatre Alba 

 Theatre and Film Production  (Recommended by David Pain.)


 Turning Point Theatre Company  (Recommended by Mike Ferrand.)

 UK Children's Theatre 

 UK Theatre Web 

 Virtual London 

 WellMade Theatre Productions  (Recommended by Vince Gregory.)

 Wick Theatre Company  (Recommended by Rols Ham-Riche.)

 WoodenHead works: Visual Puppetry  (Recommended by Douglas O'Connell.)

 Workshop Theatre 

 Youth Action Theatre 

United States

 "The Kentucky Cycle"  (Recommended by Vickie Reid.)

 (Mostly) Harmless Theatre Online  (Recommended by Robert Neblett.)

 52nd Street Project 

 A Professional Theatre Company in Residence at Keystone College, NE Pennsylvania  (Recommended by David Zarko, producing artistic director.)


 Acme Clown Company 

 ACME Theatrics 

 Act Out Productions 

 Actors Art Theatre  (Recommended by Phil Johnson.)

 Actors Theatre 

 Alabama Shakespeare Festival 

 Allens Lane Theatre  (Recommended by Travis Whitaker.)

 Alley Theatre 

 Alliance Theatre Company 

 America's First Standup, Artemus Ward, Discoverer of Mark Twaine  (Recommended by John Hays.)

 American Conservatory Theater 

 American Players Theatre 

 American Repertory Theatre 

 Anteaus Company  (Recommended by John Apicella.)

 Apollo Theater Chicago 

 Apple Tree Theatre 

 Arena Stage 

 Arizona Arts Review Online 

 Art Station 

 Artists Repertory Theatre 

 Arts Festival/New York-Paterson  (Recommended by Daniel Quinn.)

 Asian Stories In America (ASIA) Theatre 

 Asolo Theatre Company 

 Audacity Productions 

 Azuka Theatre Collective  (Recommended by Mark H. Andrews.)

 Bailiwick Repertory 

 Baltimore Actors' Theatre  (Recommended by Michele Flynn.)

 Barrington Stage Company 

 Barter Theatre 

 Bas Bleu Theatre Company 

 Bat Theatre 

 Berkeley Rep 

 Beyond the Proscenum Productions  (Recommended by Beyond the Proscenum Productions.)

 Bloomington Playwrights Project  (Recommended by Richard Ford.)

 Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble  (Recommended by Velma Burrows.)

 Blue Ridge Theatre Guild  (Recommended by Jerry Miranda.)

 Bogie's Mystery Tours® 

 Boston Baked Theatre 

 Bread and Puppet Theatre 

 Bridge City Productions 

 Broadway West Theatre Company 

 Broom Street Theater  (Recommended by Scott Feiner.)

 Buffalo Nights Theatre Company 

 Burning Coal  (Recommended by Suzanne.)

 Camino Real Playhouse 

 Casa Manana Theatre 



 Castillo Theatre  (Recommended by Ellen Korner.)

 Celtic Theatre Company  (Recommended by Joanne Tartaglino.)


 Chapito  (Recommended by Rui Rebelo.)

 Cherry Tree Players 

 Chicago Dramatists Workshop 

 Chicago Theater Directory 

 Chico area theatre guide 

 Children's Theatre  (Recommended by Megan Morris.)

 Church Street Theatre 

 Cincinnati Black Theatre Company  (Recommended by Charles McClinon.)

 Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park 

 Cincinnati Shakespeare Festival 

 Circle Theatre 

 City Theater of Pittsburgh  (Recommended by Daniel Krell.)

 Cleveland Public Theatre 

 Cleveland Shakespeare Festival 

 Coconut Grove Playhouse 

 Collected Stories  (Recommended by Jay Freer.)

 Colony Theatre Company 

 Columbus Curtain Call 

 Comedy Productions 

 Compagnie Scene en Vie : theatre amateur et professionnel  (Recommended by thibaud monteiro.)

 Costa Mesa Civic Playhouse 

 Cotton Blossom Musicals  (Recommended by Sophia Lyons.)

 CounterForce Actor's Studio  (Recommended by Daniel Chernau.)

 Creative Outlet Theater Company 

 Crossroads Theatre Company 

 Davis Musical Theatre Company 

 DAYSTAR: Contemporary Dance Drama of Indian America  (Recommended by Ned Bobkoff.)

 Defying MacBeth Theatre Group  (Recommended by Jonathan M. Vick.)

 Dell'arte Players Company 

 Dolphinback Theatre Company - Chicago, IL  (Recommended by Thomas Sweder.)

 DramaTech Theatre  (Recommended by Adam Johnson.)

 Dreamweavers Theatre  (Recommended by Stephanie Cole.)

 El Teatro Campesino 

 Empty Space Theatre 

 Encore Repertory Company 

 Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati 

 Famous Door Theatre Company 

 Fifth Avenue Theatre 

 Fio Teatro de Marionetes 

 Fool's Cathedral 

 Ford's Theatre 

 Forward Motion Theater  (Recommended by Eric Dunlap.)

 Frisco Community Theatre  (Recommended by Jo Anne Brubaker.)

 Frizzi & Lazzi the Olde Time Italian-American Music & Theatre Company  (Recommended by Emelise Aleandri.)

 GB Productions (BrightLights) 

 Geffen Playhouse 

 Genesius Guild 

 Geneva Theatre Guild, NY 

 George Coates Performance Works 

 Georgia Shakespeare Festival 

 Geva Theatre  (Recommended by Dan Roach.)

 Gone Too Soon  (Recommended by St.Jones.)

 Gone Too Soon  (Recommended by St.Jones®.)

 Goodman Theatre 

 Grand Rapids Civic Theatre 

 Great Falls Players 

 Guerrilla Girls On Tour!  (Recommended by Aphra Behn.)

 Guthrie Theater  (Recommended by Maarty Reilingh.)

 Hand-to-Mouth Players, a Westchester Co. New York community theater group  (Recommended by Mike O'Toole.)

 Harwich Junior Theatre 

 Healing Theatre  (Recommended by Olivia Woodford.)

 Historic Everett Theatre 

 Hole in the Wall Theater Company 

 Horizon Theatre Company 

 Hudson Opera Theatre  (Recommended by Ron De Fesi.)

 Hudson Valley Shakespeare Company 

 Huntingdon Theatre Company 

 Idaho Shakespeare Festival 

 Illusion Theater 

 ImprovOlympic West Theater  (Recommended by Tom Shannon.)

 Interact Theatre Company 


 Inverse Theater  (Recommended by Chad Gracia.)

 Iron Age Theatre  (Recommended by Fran Doyle.)

 Irvine Community Theatre 

 JET: Jewish Ensemble Theatre 

 Joseph Papp Public Theater 

 K & K Productions 

 KAPOOT Clown Theater  (Recommended by Jim Williams.)

 Kent County Theatre Guild 

 Kids 4 Broadway  (Recommended by Connor Snyder.)


 Knightsbridge Theatre 

 Laguna Playhouse 

 Lakewood Theatre Company  (Recommended by Mary Dawson.)

 Lambda Players  (Recommended by West Ramsey.)

 Lambs Players Theatre San Diego CA 

 LCC Theatre 

 Le Centre du Silence 

 Leach Theatre 

 Liberty Theatre 

 Lightning Strikes Theatre Company 

 Live Theater Workshop 

 LookingGlass Theatre Company 

 Louisiana's Professional Children's Threatre  (Recommended by ashleigh gray.)

 Macbeth pages 

 Made Ya Laugh Players 

 Mae West Fest  (Recommended by William Cole.)

 Magic Circus  (Recommended by Benny Buettner.)

 MAHABHARATA  (Recommended by Wallace Dorian.)

 Manhattan Theatre Club 

 Marin Theatre Company  (Recommended by Eric Mattson.)

 Mark Taper Forum 

 McCarter Theater 

 Meadow Brook Theatre  (Recommended by Gretchen Dunham.)

 Menlo Players Guild 

 Methuen Young People's Theater  (Recommended by Mike McLaughlin.)

 Milwaukee Chamber Theatre 

 Mind's Ear Audio Productions, Inc.  (Recommended by Dana Dyer Pierson.)

 Minnesota Fringe Theatre Festival  (Recommended by Dean J. Seal.)

 Mississippi Theatre Information 

 MIT Musical Theater Guild 


 Mockingbird Public Theatre 

 Moose Hall Theatre Company  (Recommended by Ted Minos.)

 Moving Arts Theatre 

 Mr. Theatre Co.  (Recommended by Kym Bernazky.)

 Murphys Creek Theatre 

 Mystery Cafe' Dinner Theater in Boston  (Recommended by David Goldstein.)

 NaCl (North American Cultural Laboratory) NY 

 Naked Boys Singing! Official Site  (Recommended by Martian Entertainment, Inc..)

 National Pastime Theater  (Recommended by Candis Hacker.)

 National Theatre 

 Nebraska Theatre Caravan 

 New Conservatory Theatre Center  (Recommended by Natalie Adona.)

 New Jersey Dramatists  (Recommended by Kerri Kochanski.)

 New Jersey Dramatists  (Recommended by Pete Ernst.)

 New Jersey Repertory Company 

 New Jersey Shakespeare Festival 

 New One Act Theatre Ensemble 

 New Play Network  (Recommended by Stefan Brun.)

 new rocking theatre companies  (Recommended by Vanessa Wales.)

 New Theatre, Coral Gables, Florida  (Recommended by Brian Gonzalez.)

 New Tuners Theatre 

 New World Performance Laboratory  (Recommended by James Slowiak.)

 New York Art Theatre 

 New York International Fringe Festival 

 New York Performing Artist Company  (Recommended by Bob Greenwald.)

 New York's Capital District Theatre Page 

 NewGate Theatre  (Recommended by Peter J. Gogol.)

 Nineholes - A 10-minutes play festival  (Recommended by William Cole.)

 North Carolina Shakespeare Festival 

 O'Neill Theater Center 

 Oak Ridge Community Theatre 

 Oddfellows Playhouse Youth Theater  (Recommended by Christopher Foran.)

 Off Broadstreet Theater  (Recommended by John A. Driscoll.)

 Offstage Theatre 

 Ojai Playwrights Conference  (Recommended by Robert Menna.)

 Old Globe Theatre 

 Olney Theatre Center 

 On the Boards Behnke Center for Contemporary Performance  (Recommended by Andy Jensen.)

 One World Theatre 

 Orange Park Community Theatre 

 Oregon Shakespeare Festival 

 Orlando-UCF Shakespeare Festival  (Recommended by Jim Helsinger.)

 Pacer Production Team 

 Pacific Alliance Stage Company  (Recommended by Michael Grice.)

 Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts 

 Paramount Theatre 

 Pegasus Theatre  (Recommended by Kurt Kleinmann.)

 Pendleton Playhouse 

 Pendragon Theatre 

 Penn Avenue Theatre  (Recommended by Michael Moats.)

 Pennsylvania Players 

 Peoples Light 

 Performance Art Festival 

 Performance Associates 

 Performance Network 

 Perishable Theatre 

 Perseverance Theatre 

 Phoenix Theater 

 Phoenix Theatre Comapny 

 Pioneer Drama Service, Inc.  (Recommended by Steven Fendrich.)

 Pioneer Theatre Company  (Recommended by Charles Morey.)

 Pittsburgh Playhouse Repertory Company  (Recommended by Daniel Krell.)

 Pittsburgh Public Theater 

 Plan-B Theatre Company, Salt Lake's Theatre Alternative  (Recommended by Sharon Burgess.)

 Playhouse On The Square 

 Playmakers Repertory Company 

 Plays in the Park 

 Playwrights Centre of San Francisco 

 Playwrights Horizons  (Recommended by Meredith L. Weiss.)

 Pollard Theatre, Guthrie, Oklahoma 

 Pope Theatre Company 

 Portland Area Theatres on the web  (Recommended by Harold Phillips.)

 Praxis Theatre Project  (Recommended by Matthew Bray.)

 Princeton Triangle Club 

 Professional Theatre at Penn State  (Recommended by Cheri Sinclair.)

 Protean Theatre Company 


 Red Card Productions 

 Redwood Theatre  (Recommended by Michael Brunk.)

 Riverfront Playhouse 

 Road Theatre Company  (Recommended by Marci Hill.)

 Rose Valley Chorus & Orchestra  (Recommended by Milo Morris.)

 Rosebriar Shakespeare Company 

 Round House Theatre 

 Rustix Theatre Company  (Recommended by Ggreg Snyder.)

 San Francisco Mime troupe  (Recommended by Michael Sullivan.)

 San Jose Childrens Musical Theatre 

 San Jose Repertory Company 

 Sandcastle Guam- Vegas Style Entertainment Facility  (Recommended by Charmaine Ramsden.)

 Seanachai Theatre Company 

 Seattle Shakespeare Festival 

 Sebastiani Theatre  (Recommended by Greg Rank.)

 Shakespeare & Company  (Recommended by Tim Perfect.)

 Shakespeare in Central Park (NY) 

 Shakespeare Santa Cruz 

 Shear Madness-America's Comedy Whodunit  (Recommended by Janis James.)

 Shenendoah Shakespeare Express 

 Shotgun Players 

 Shows that make your kids the stars  (Recommended by The Music Box Children's theater.)

 Shows that make your kids the stars  (Recommended by The Music Box Children's theater.)

 Simsbury Summer Theatre For Youth (SSTFY)  (Recommended by Eric N. Crosset.)

 SnapDragon Puppet Theater  (Recommended by Dassia Posner.)

 Sonoma Valley Shakespeare Festival 

 Source Theatre Company 

 South Coast Repertory 

 Stage Door Theatrical Company  (Recommended by Jo Ann.)

 Stage Door Theatrical Company  (Recommended by Jo Ann.)

 Stage Left Theater (SLT) 

 Stages of Imagination 

 Stages Repertory Theatre  (Recommended by KyleYoung.)

 Stamford Theatre Works 

 State Theater Company 

 Steppenwolf Theater Company 

 Steps Theatre Production Company: new productions & acting workshop  (Recommended by Sonia Kozlova.)

 Straw dog Theatre Company 

 Studio Theatre 

 Surveillance Camera Players (RAT), New York 

 Synchronicity Performance Group  (Recommended by Rachel May.)

 Synchronicity Theatre Group 

 Syracuse Stage 

 T. Daniel Creations  (Recommended by T. Daniel.)

 T.U.T.A.  (Recommended by Jacquil Marquee.)

 Tal-Kasia Productions  (Recommended by Kasia Kowalczyk.)

 Talos TheatreEnsemble  (Recommended by Mark Wellman.)

 Teaneck New Theatre  (Recommended by Harriet Gottlieb.)

 Teatro Avante  (Recommended by Lillian Manzor.)

 Teatro em Belo Horizonte 

 Teatro Vista 

 Teatron Jewish Theatre 

 Temple State 

 Texas Cultural & Arts Network 

 The A.D. Players  (Recommended by Russell Swanson.)

 The American Shakespeare Project  (Recommended by Mark Vining.)

 The American Shakespeare Project  (Recommended by Mark Vining.)

 The Bard Development Company 

 The Barnstormers Theatre 

 The Brick Playhouse 

 The Bullshed Theatre Project  (Recommended by Anne Lower.)

 The Cabinet, Inc.  (Recommended by Joseph Andrew Latessa.)

 the estro tribe  (Recommended by Kim Kressal.)

 The Fabulous Fox 

 The Harbor Theatre  (Recommended by Stuart Warmflash.)

 The Jobsite Theater  (Recommended by David Jenkins.)

 The Killing Kompany 

 The Looking Glass Theatre  (Recommended by Karin Williams.)

 The Mary Worth Theatre Company  (Recommended by Natalie Diem.)

 The Metro Playhouse  (Recommended by David Zarko.)

 The MW Theatre Company  (Recommended by Margarita Manwelyan.)

 The Neo-Futurists (Chicago)  (Recommended by Jenna Weiss.)

 The Newman Theatre  (Recommended by Cheryl A. Pryzby.)

 The Open Door 

 The Place of The Winged Foot  (Recommended by Kevin O'Morrison.)

 The Play's the Thing 

 The Really Useful Company 

 The Red Eye Theater of Minneapolis  (Recommended by Steve Busa.)

 The Sea Ranch Thespians 

 The Shakespeare Theatre 

 The Sherman Players 

 the Somnambulist Project 

 The Theater Gallery: an Interdisciplinary Physical Theatre Company  (Recommended by Paul Herwig.)

 The Theater Mirror 

 The Theatre Company of Rhode Island  (Recommended by Gorge Martin.)

 The Theatre Company of Rhode Island Home Page  (Recommended by George Martin.)

 The Theatre Guild of NJ  (Recommended by Diane E. Dixon.)

 The Thrillpeddlers 

 The Tunneldog Project  (Recommended by Michael Getto.)

 The Vagabond Acting Troupe 

 The Vagabond Theatre 


 The Washington Chu Shan Chinese Opera Institute, Inc.  (Recommended by Judy Huang.)


 The Wesley Players, Amdram in Essex  (Recommended by Vicky Stowe.)

 Theater at Monmouth 

 Theater Schmeater  (Recommended by Jen Grigg.)

 Theater Under the Stars 

 THEATERWORK: alternative theatre in Santa Fe  (Recommended by Jack Sherman.)

 Theatre Channel 

 Theatre Factory 

 Theatre Gael 

 Theatre In The Square 

 Theatre J'Nerique  (Recommended by Marcel Nunis.)

 Theatre Memorabilia  (Recommended by Daniel Quinn.)

 Theatre Nepean 

 Theatre on a Shoestring 

 Theatre On The Square 

 Theatre Southwest 

 Theatre Three Repertory Company  (Recommended by Gordon Goede.)

 Theatre, art and culture of the Irish and Irish Americans.  (Recommended by Kenneth W. Kelly.)


 Thick Description 

 Thunder River Theatre Company 

 TinFish Theatrical Community Center  (Recommended by Laurie Kladis.)

 Tiny Mythic Theatre Company 

 Toadstone Theatre Company  (Recommended by Christopher Rock.)

 Town Hall Theatre Company 

 Triboro Youth Theatre  (Recommended by David Renoni.)

 Trinity repertory Company 

 Troika Ranch Dance Theater 

 Tupelo Community Theatre 

 Ubu Repertory Theatre 

 Unicorn Theatre, Kansas City 

 University of Charleston Theatre 

 Utah Shakespearean Festival 

 Vacant Theatre Company  (Recommended by Sarah McKereghan.)

 ValleyPlayers, The (Toledo, Ohio)  (Recommended by Jake Gordy.)

 Vanguard Theatre Ensemble 

 VAUDEVILLE ALLEY... Theatre In A Trunk 

 Victory Gardens Theatre 

 Virginia Shakespeare Festival 

 Washington County Actors Community Theatre  (Recommended by Sally Bledsoe.)

 Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater 

 West Coast Ensemble, the BIGGEST small theatre in Los Angeles  (Recommended by Julia Marie Feliz.)

 Westchester Broadway 

 Wings Theatre 

 Women's Expressive Theater Inc.  (Recommended by Victoria Pettibone.)

 Wooster Group 

 Workshop Theatre 

 World Class Entertainment  (Recommended by Jennifer Bauer.)

 Young Peoples Theatre 


 Teatro del Umbral de Montevideo 

 Teatro El Galpón  (Recommended by Raquel.)


 Dramateatro Agrupación 

 Festival Internacional de Teatro de Caracas 

 K.S.T. Project 

 Naku Theatre 


 National Theatre Sombor (unofficial)  (Recommended by Maja.)

 Srbian National Theatre  (Recommended by Igor lecic.)

 The National Theatre in Belgrade 

 Torpedo Theatre, Belgrade 

 Yugoslav Drama Theatre  (Recommended by Maja.)

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