Stefan Caraman

Stefan Caraman is an award-winning playwright working in Romania.

Stefan Caraman

Two of Stefan's plays (in English) are currently hosted here on the WWW Virtual Library for Theatre:

The Doubles


-- and two in Romanian:

Dead and Alive

The Last Hippie

Stefan writes:

"I have published five books (three books with short stories - ROCKER SOUL, SATURDAY AFTERNOON AT THE COUNTRYSIDE and THREE MISSED STARTS , one novel - PIANO MAN, and a book with drama pieces - ZAPP...). In 1996 I was awarded The Writers' Union Of Romania Prize, for debut in prose. Plays on stage : ZAPP..., TAM Theatre, 1996 and National Theatre of Cluj Napoca & University of Cluj Napoca - Theatre Section ( finally exam for young director Cristian Nedea),2000; EPILOGUE , Broadcasting version at Romanian National Broadcasting, 1999 and at URMUZ Theatre from Tulcea, 2000; OCEAN CAFE, (collective text), YOUTH'S THEATRE from Piatra Neamt, 2000. Finally, M&M, now in process with TAM (Andrei Muresanu Theatre) and STUDIO 21 ASSOCIATION, directed by Szabo Istvan (The premiere, in june)."

"Some other prizes (but not that important), and a book with five drama texts (it will appear in the second part of this month) - XXI SCENES FROM STEFAN'S LIFE."