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Electronic text archives and plays online

Plays online (listed by author)

This is a free service for playwrights and play readers.

Readers will find here links to all the plays we know about that are available in full text versions online for free.

Playwrights are invited to tell us of plays they have made available online. In some circumstances, we may be able to host texts for playwrights who do not have access to their own web site. Please email Barry (Contact Us) for details.

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These scripts are available electronically as text document attachments. These scripts have been produced in intimate venues around the country.

Valuable drama online

 ACTORFEST 2002  (Recommended by Kevin Brendle.)

Great place to network with NY's finest agents, casting directors, managers, and actors.

 Chrononhotonthologos (1734), by Henry Carey 

Welcome addition to the online corpus of the play than contains the famous line, 'Exit in a Huff', much beloved of Thespians since. The most tragical tragedy that was ever tragediz'd by any company of tragedians...

 Complete online texts of selected plays by O'Neill  (Recommended by Marilyn Wu.)

In fact the whole website is great!


The only European dancing dompany with 5 dancing project from KALEIDOASCOPE to CULTURE 2000

 DRAMATIC EXCHANGE  (Recommended by John Baca-Saavedra.)

This is a free online service that publishes plays.  (Recommended by Marcello Isidori.)

Italian contemporary plays available for free reading and downloading on line

An authoritative collection of high-quality texts prepared with great care. Recommended.

 Hippopotamus dreams  (Recommended by Victor Liapin.)

New Russian play.

 Kemp's Nine Daies Wonder (1600) 

Fine transcription by Richard Bear for Renascence Editions (Oregon).

 Reverse Phone Lookup 

 Death Records 

 La page Molière  (Recommended by Philippe Parker.)

Complete works of Molière, biographical information and other links.

 Lazy Bee Scripts - complete scripts for pantomimes and plays on line  (Recommended by Stuart Ardern.)

Complete scripts of (British) pantomimes, plays for adults and plays for kids can be read on line (in a Java applet). Includes Cinderella, Aladdin, Snow White, Dick Whittington and Puss-in-Boots.

 Littèrature francophone virtuelle 

Superb site maintained by Carole Netter at Swarthmore. Covers full range of French literature with special emphasis on contemporary writers

 Open Wardrobes: The Theatre of Colorado Tolston  (Recommended by Colorado Tolston.)

Site contains original plays in genres such as fantasy, religious, and mystery.

 Original Plays by Bradley Hayward  (Recommended by Janet Millar.)

We are a school theatre group and we have used two of Mr. Hayward's plays. They are terrific and should be "out there".

 Perseus Project Home Page  (Recommended by Weldon B. Durham.)

Excellent source for classical texts, images; links to other sites of interest to scholars of classical theatre and culture.

 play scripts in English and Danish  (Recommended by Kaj Himmelstrup.)

play scripts in English and Danish, free download

 play texts for free download  (Recommended by Kaj Himmelstrup.)

Plays in English. Free download.

 Plays For Kids To Do  (Recommended by James J. Brunelle.)

Fun, smart one-act plays for young players. Free monologues.

 Plays For Production 

This page provide original plays by new playwrights at extremely affordable prices.

 plays in english and danish  (Recommended by Kaj Himmelstrup.)

full playtexts, also plays for children, - Your source for new plays  (Recommended by Jonathan Rand.)

A publisher of new plays for stage performance, offering free online perusal of full scripts.

 ProPlay  (Recommended by Frank Moher.)

Online publisher of professionally-produced stage plays, available for immediate reading.

 Radio Drama 

Scripts and teaching notes

 la chat  (Recommended by steve walker.)

unique site of playtexts of radio drama, largest on the www, by award-winning playwright

 Renaissance Electronic Texts 

A series of old-spelling, SGML-encoded editions of early individual copies of English Renaissance books and manuscripts, and of plain transcriptions of such works, published on the World Wide Web as a free resource for students of the period by the University of Toronto Library

Dutch eighteenth century tragedy

 Shakespeare parodies  (Recommended by Richard Nathan.)

Full length parody scripts of "Hamlet," "Macbeth" and "King Lear."

 Short plays from Portugal (English version)  (Recommended by Teixeira Moita.)

A page with some information about the author and online powerful short plays.

 Six Characters in Search of an Author, L. Pirandello, 1921  (Recommended by Steve Lee.)

The entire text of "Six Characters in Search of an Author" online plus at site there are other online works
Links to a vast collection of online Spanish plays. Maintained by Vern Williamson, who deserves a medal

 Textes dramatiques 

A key location for tracking down online French play texts. Maintained by Andre Bourassa at UQAM

The Digital Performance Archive (DPA) traces the rapid developments taking place which combine performance activity with new digital technologies -from live theatre and dance productions that incorporate digital projections, to performances

 The Gutenberg Project -- Public Domain Literature and Plays Online  (Recommended by Marcus Wright.)

Free site that contains the complete text of thousands of public domain plays and works of literature. A must for the starving college student.

 The Live Art Archives  (Recommended by Stuart Simpson.)

The Live Art Archive holds information about existing Live Art / Performance Art materials, records and publications primarily in England and the UK. Developed by Nottingham Trent University supported by the Arts Council of England

 The Tech Classics Archive 

Part of the Internet Classics Archive at MIT. Hundreds of plays available, supported by a strong search engine. Bring your own toga

 The Thomas Middleton Page 

 Thèâtre et Arts du spectacle 

More from Carole Netter at Swarthmore. Check out the 'Actualités' section, which often has great features

 Theatre Links  (Recommended by TeatroLinks.)

International Theatre Links, festivals, history, drama, schools

 Three Unusual Scientists  (Recommended by Beverly Jones.)

Valuable drama online by playwright Martha Keltz

 Victor Hugo -- Translation of Hugo's plays by Frank J. Morlock  (Recommended by P.A. Teter.)

Plays by Victor Hugo not previously available in English. Frank J. Morlock's excellent translation of the play _Ninety-Three_ by Victor Hugo and Paul Meurice, based on Hugo's novel _Quatre-vingt-treize_, is now available on online.  (Recommended by Dr. Roger Peters.)

A suite of comedy-dramas for high school students, written in English & French, which partially bridge the prevailing literary & scientific cultures

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