Acting Jobs

General organizations and resources

 A Shop and resource for actors  (Recommended by Richard Jones.)

Books, Make-up, Scripts, advice all on one site

Free resource with information and groups' database, production listings etc

 A. S. K. Theatre Projects  (Recommended by John Baca-Saavedra.)

A. S. K. is a wonderful theatre resource center, supporting playwrights, publishing a quarterly magazine, sponsoring new play festivals.

it is most important web site about indian theatre

 Abelard and Heloise  (Recommended by Ross Fiddes.)

An award winning musical drama based on a synthesis of both opera and musicals, that is, its a musical for opera singers, or an opera for musical artists.

 ABWAG to learn acting  (Recommended by Tiny Ron.)

Details the feel, think, do technique for the purpose of acting.

Information about our unique form of theatre in the community.

 Acting Modelling Information Services  (Recommended by Kay Kanbayashi.)

 Actors Web Site  (Recommended by Dan Twyman.)

It's helpful to actors
Monologues collection, casting forum & links, and many-many other topics. Also it's easy to navigate through

 agenda culturel-webscene-culturele agenda:  (Recommended by Benoit Devos.)

cultural agenda in Belgium

Stage reviews and opinions. Update weekly. Chatty, magazine-like atmosphere

 Alberta Playwrights' Network 

Supporting Alberta's plays, playwrights and play lovers

 alfonso vallejo:theatre,poetry,paintings.  (Recommended by alfonso vallejo.)

contemporary spanish playwright

The Worldwide directory of Amateur Dramatic and Operatic organisations,.News, Views, Whats On, Who's Who, Services,Fun and Classifieds.

 American Alliance For Theatre and Education  (Recommended by Trish McIntire.)

This is the web site for the national orgainization for youth theatre both children as performers and audience. This orgainization is the sucessor the the children's theatre division of ATA.

 American Association of Community Theatres (AACT) 

National US organization representing more than 1000 member companies. Plays a powerful advocacy role

 American Society for Theatre Research (ASTR) 

Established in 1956, ASTR provides an organization and public voice for theatre scholars and promotes the cause of theare as a field for serious scholarly study and research

 American Theatre Works 

Vermont-based arts organisation that runs the Dorset Summer Theatre Festival and the Dorset House Writers' Colony. The site a good place to start if you're looking for regional theatre links

Sites, webzines, annuaires sur la scène et la littérature. Recherches thématiques avec Aleph. Textes et coups de plume. Pétition contre la peine de mort.

 Anton's Audio  (Recommended by Anton Niedersteiner.)

Explains how to optimize audio for realism. Many on-line references and further links.

 Archa Theatre - Prague, Czech Republic  (Recommended by Jiri Sedlak.)

Complete guide to the Archa Theatre - open space for new trends in international and Czech culture and society. Programme, ticket reservation, archive, press etc. All in English.

 Argentina Brasil Chile España Mexico Uruguay Estados Unidos Colombia Venezuela Peru  (Recommended by juan carlos novoa.)

Economia Educacion Estado Bancos Diarios Gobiernos Ministerios Bibliotecas
The ALCQ is made up of a tireless (well almost) band of volunteers and specialist professionals that assist artists throughout the state in all matters relating to that thin wedge where art and legal matters collide.

 Artslynx International Theatre Resources  (Recommended by Richard Finkelstein.)

These resources include collections of links hard to find elsewhere from physical theatre, and fight direction, to dramaturgy and playwrighting.

Simple resource list maintained by Carnegie Mellon University

 Asian Canadian theatre is Asian theatre for minority actors in Vancouver.  (Recommended by Joyce Lam.)

Asian Canadian theatre in Vancouver. Ethnic theatre, Asian theatre & Asian American theater,
National organization of theatre critics in Italy
"Intrepido" company performing corporal mime, professional actors training and movement notation of corporal mime with the Laban system. Directed by Greta Maes & PA-PhD. Jorge Gayon.

 Australasian Drama Studies Association 

 Autobiographical Writing and Performing  (Recommended by Diane Howard, Ph.D..)

Professional Network, Resources, Grants, Performance Studies, Theater, Internships, Journals etc.

 Back Stage Newspaper 

Full-feature newspaper format with enticing interactive feedback features. From the same stable as Billboard

Bulletin board for theatre fans. Rich in hyperbole

 Baker's Plays 

Online shopping for plays, scripts, rights clearance etc

Category for Touring Artists - As viable to today's theatre culture as vaudeville was! Using theatre for social change and awareness.

 Brisbane Powerhouse - Centre for the Live Arts  (Recommended by Zane Trow.)

The newest and largest centre for contemporary performance in Australia  (Recommended by Larry Smith.)

Props for plays
Where to find props, costumes, and rehearsal space in and around London

An information altar dedicated to Chicano and U.S. Latino theatre. Includes CALIFORNIA TEMPURA: Asian-American theater pages.

Casting news and info for pro's. Covers TV and film as well as theatre. Now has a parallel site in LA


Auditions for actors, Tech listings for film, TV and Theatre. Open Call information, Who's who in the biz and many related services, some restricted to members only. This ain't no disco, as they say
Searchable databases of auditions, casting directors, television shows and casting, talent agents and really helpful people who are happy to answer all questions.

Conect instantly to casting directors.£10 for actors free to casting directors

Promotes theatre in Quebec. Available in French and English

 Centre for Performance Research 

Research centre of global significance located in Wales. One of the finest place in the world to check out contemporary experimental performance in their impressive multi-media archives

 Children's Theatre Scripts and Plays - Classics On Stage! - On Stage!  (Recommended by Robert Boburka, webmaster.)

A collection of professionally developed, classic playscripts for young audiences of all ages by double Shubert Fellowship award winning playwright, Michele L Vacca.

Center for Innovative Computer Applications. Ground-breaking work in handling online theatre images


Steven Sashen's heart-warming site. Worth a visit if you're feeling glum. Home of Scriptware, the word-processing software designed for script- writers and used, I'm told, on the X-Files.

 Club Dumas  (Recommended by Frank Morlock.)

Translations in English of The Dumas Hamlet, The Vampire, Lorenzino, and Napoleon. Also a great bibliography. With more translations to come.

 Coffeehouse For Writers - Drama Workshop  (Recommended by James Miller.)

Drama Workshop offers instruction on the basic fundamentals of dramatic writing for the stage & screen.

 Conference Alerts  (Recommended by Helen Terre Blanche.)

Academics can receive free e-mailed alerts of conferences in their field of interest. Searchable online conference database.

Source of plays, musicals, and books about theatre, acting, directing, improv, monologs, mime, clowning, costuming, etc.

 Culturefinder, Inc. 

Arts based search engine covering events in 1300 cities across America. Wanna buy a ticket ...

 Currency Press 

The Performing Arts Publishers for Australia

 Definitive Musical Theatre Website, The  (Recommended by Musicman.)

Contains news, listings, links, sights and sounds relating to West End and Broadway Musicals featuring the work of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Cameron Mackintosh.

 Deutscher Bühnenverein 

A-Z of theatres in Germany - important organization of German theatre companies.

 Direct Plays  (Recommended by Janet Millar.)

Publisher of new plays. Will provide reading copies by email.

 Dress Circle Online 

An ongoing science fiction soap opera, along the lines of the classic Dark Shadows.

A resource for original scripts and songs by award winning songwriter, playwright and children's recording artist, Duncan Wells.


Internet-based script-writing workshop

 Educational Theatre Association (EdTA) 

Home of the International Thespian Society, Dramatics Magazine and the journal, Teaching Theatre. Good site for teachers

 EN COULISSE  (Recommended by theothea.)

LA CHRONIQUE CRITIQUE DU THEATRE A PARIS. Actualité du Spectacle, Présentation et critiques des pièces, chroniques et billets d'humeur par Theothea. Mise à jour hebdomadaire.

 Encyclopedia of Canadian Theatre on the WWW  (Recommended by Gaetan Charlebois.)

Includes the 1200-profile Encyclopedia, reviews, documents, and National Calendar

 Entertainment Technology Online 

 Essential Belfast Arts contact details  (Recommended by Lesley Holmes.)

This site gives access to a valuable, user friendly Belfast Arts Directory, listing all Belfast Theatres and much more!

 European Cultural Events Management  (Recommended by Stefanie Moore.)

A company which tries to" Put Culture in our life"

 Faith Musicals  (Recommended by Ramsey Alberson.)

Portal to unique musical theater resource that blends religious history with contemporary theater.n

Wig maker to the world since the 18th century. Good inroad to what's happening in and around Florence, Italy

 Footlights--A Modern Drama Discussion Group  (Recommended by David Sobelsohnj.)

This page details the schedule of Washington, DC's only drama-discussion group.

A site on the most transgressive cult movie of this 20s century: The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The (Italian) ART in the RHPS, FAN ART and much more. (Anche in versione italiana)

 Gags and Giggles  (Recommended by Monique Rowe.)

Costumes aren't just for Halloween and jokes aren't just for children!

 gay theatre exchange/information exchange site  (Recommended by Tom Scott.)

Information exchange site, include many professionals, writers, organizations, networking site

 General Theatrical Supply  (Recommended by Stewart Harman.)

shop online for all your theater needs.

 Gillian Plowman - Playwright  (Recommended by robert iles.)

UK-wide theatre resource

 Guide du thèâtre en Afrique 

Part of the massive French site, MediaPort. Great on difficult-to-find contact details for theatres and companies in Africa, though few online links available yet

 Hammer & Tong Software  (Recommended by Marc Hashagen.)

The makers of Q-Manager, the new standard in high-end audio and show-control software.

Now you can preview shows by email before you buy tickets--and at large discounts.

 Historical Theatre in Education  (Recommended by Robert J Clayton.)

With the energy of physical theatre, puppetry, mime, storytelling and music the children are taken on an interactive journey through history.

 HOLDON LOG - "All-In-One Performer Organizers"  (Recommended by Kristina Hughes.)

HOLDON LOG - "All-In-One Performer Organizers" have the look and feel of professional business planners that are specifically designed to meet the organizational needs of professional Actors, Young Actors, Models, and Background Artists.

 Home page for the Michael Chekhov Association  (Recommended by David Lind.)

Provides some good information on Michael Chekhov - one of the best kept acting secrets

 Hungarian Theatre Portal  (Recommended by Daniel Herner.)

It conatins all information about all hungarian theaters. It will be translated to English within 10 months.

Videos, books, CD-ROMs, masks and workshops for professionals and students in performing arts.
it lists comprehensively all the plays by contemporary British playwrights to which ICM holds the performing rights (amateur and professional)

 In Transit. Transforming the Arts  (Recommended by Susann Qubeck.)

IN TRANSIT. Transforming the Arts. Site of the international Performance festival; 30th May to 15th June 2002 at the House of World Cultures Berlin.

 Informal European Theatre Meeting  (Recommended by Mary Ann DeVlieg.)

public access site for international contemporary performing arts network with news, announcements, exchanges

It give's you information about theatre and a big fond of documents
Historical and religious theatre, Shakespeare festivals, folks doin' it in the road... Great if you like your theatre away from those deadly auditoria

 International Amateur Theatre Association (IATA, AITA) 

Available in French and English

 International Association of Theatre Critics/Association Internationale des Critiques de Theatre  (Recommended by Ian Herbert.)

latest news of events organised by this 2000-member organisation
The world's first online, free archive of English accents and dialects for actors

Organises theatre research worldwide. Site available in French and English

 International Theatre Institute - World Theatre Directory 

 International University Theatre Association (IUTA) 

Available in English, French and Spanish

 Internet Stage and Screen Resources 

Set designer Nicky Ryborg's home page. Neat

 John Arthur Lowe - Playwright  (Recommended by John Arthur Lowe.)

KC/ACTF-eligible student playwright has written over 30 plays now available for downloading for U.S. colleges seeking oringinal plays to stage in KC/ACTF. Extensive theatre & playwriting links, too.

 Juggling Information Service 

How to keep your balls in the air. Great listings, good resource

 Laseronics (Egypt)  (Recommended by Yousri El Gazar.)

The only Lasershow company in Egypt

 League of Historic American Theatres 

Dedicated to the restoration and operation of historic theatres in North America, where they value these things
Carolyn Gage's catalog of plays, with synopses, ordering details, reviews, etc.

Lighting resources from The Kilowatt Company in Western Australia


 LZA - Innsbrucker Zeitungsarchiv für deutsch- und fremdsprachige Literatur 

Rich German-language bibliographical resource from the University of Innsbruck

MAP is an organization that helps Manitoba playwrights, and helps others to

Links, addresses, reviews and articles about Scottish theatre

 Men Who Danced  (Recommended by Simon Rodford Barrat.)

For professional artistes over the age of forty, who performed (or still do) in theatre, film and television


Play space for nerds. 'A text based performance, research and conferencing environment' based on Kafka's nightmare. Lotsa fun, lotsa promise

 Michael Pope  (Recommended by Michael Pope.)

Interesting web site of British Actor/Director Michael Pope with link to his production company Papal Productions, updated frequently, it offers casting opportunities to both actors and musicians.

 mobility web portal for performing arts  (Recommended by Mary Ann DeVlieg.)

links to primary sources of info regarding mobility of performing arts artists and cultural operators, information, funding, news, europe + world

 Molly Louise Shepard, Playwright  (Recommended by Molly Louise Shepard.)

How about a section for playwrights to list their pages! :) M

 Music Theatre Rarities, Plus  (Recommended by rob.)

Rare musical theatre music plus rare spoken word drama

 Musical Theater Writers Workshop  (Recommended by Wallace White.)

Composers, lyricists and librettists meet weekly in New York to create new musical-theatre works for Broadway, Off-Broadway, regional theatre, revues, concerts and cabaret. Nonprofit group was founded in 1989.


Powerful music=based search engine, great if you don't mind the ads.

 National Arts and Disability Center  (Recommended by Olivia Raynor.)

The National Arts and Disability Center is a resource for performers with disabilties and the theatre arts community in the area of audience development and advocating for the hiring of actors with disabilities.

 National Association for Drama Therapy (NADT) 

 National Council for Drama Training (NCDT) 

The body responsible for accreditation of Drama schools in the UK. Its powerful council consists of representatives from leading professional theatre and television organisations

 National Movement Theater Association e-journal  (Recommended by Jim Bovino.)

Serves as an advocacy journal and archive for art of Movement Theater. Also provides links to others in field.

TURKU PLAY 2000 is a new, annual, European theatre Festival with Live Theatre and Living Authors.

Jeremy Whelan claims to have invented a new form of actor training

 New York Theatre Exchange 

Guild of playwrights up thar in Oregon

 NorthWest Playwrights Guild  (Recommended by John Baca-Saavedra.)

An orginazation for playwrights based in Portland, OR, theatre links & resources.

 Ohio Theatre Alliance  (Recommended by Shawn Dougherty.)

A regional theatre web site

 olivieropdp  (Recommended by Oliviero Ponte di Pino.)

resources on italian avant-garde theatre (in italian); plus the webzine "ateatro"

 On the Move  (Recommended by Tela Leão.)

on the move is a web site dedicated to information about international activities, projects and their funding, in the areas of theatre, dance, and other performing arts disciplines.

 Opera Schedule Server 

Who's doing what, with whom, and where, tra-la

 Pablo Silva Theater author and director  (Recommended by Marcelo Griess.)

An interesteing playwriter from argentina. Young and cool.

 Performance Animation Society 

Thousands of movie and TV scripts for sale online, in easy-to-search, detailed listings.

 Playbill On-line 

Newsy listings and ticket sales fronted by an animated credit card

 Playwrights Forum 

Help for playwrights around Washington DC


Theatre-Connect - A Global Directory of Theatre Links & Resources

 Poetry and Drama  (Recommended by Molly Freeman.)

site includes photos, bio. notes, samples of projects, poetry, scripted poetry, published books and booking information for Belfast poet Adrian Rice and NC Drama Educator Molly Freeman

A European network of higher vocational education institutes in the Performing Arts

 Raymond Mander and Joe Mitchenson Theatre Collection  (Recommended by Richard Mangan.)

 Readers Theatre Editions 

Where Aaron Shepherd markets his playlets for readers

 Reviews Site that covers the UK  (Recommended by Rod Dungate.)

An informed, lively, comprehensive reviews site of building based and touring theatre productions in the UK, with cast and other listings

Attractive entry-point for professionals and amateurs with an interest in Quebec theatre

 Rik's Cafe 

Home of cybertheatre and a variety of wildly unusual and entertaining resources

 Robert Wilson Website  (Recommended by Geoffrey B. Wexler.)

Contains a complete bibliography and list of works of Robert Wilson, one of the worlds leading innovators in theater.

 Samuel French 

The original London theatre book store, where they say Shakespeare bought copies of Marlowe ... Links to US and other affiliates

 Samuel French in the US 

American affiliate of the great London bookshop

 Scenery design and CAD 

Fascinating foray into 3-D design by Jim Jenkins, who shows how useful tools like AutoCad can be to the set designer. Great images

Only book dedicated to marketing stage and screenplay scripts
6 Mb of free material for stage and screen writers, maintained by hypertext guru Charles Deemer

 Semih Celenk, Turkish Playwright and Director  (Recommended by Semih Celenk.)

His texts and other works, Knowledge about traditional and Contamporary Turkish Theatre. Internatioal and Intercultural projects on theatre.

 Senior Theatre Connections  (Recommended by Bonnie Vorenberg.)

Senior theatre is one of the fastest growing forms of the performing arts. We provide books, plays, and resource materials for older performers and a free newsletter.

Performers community and resource presided by SimplyTaty Productions and Casting. Auditions, talent agencies, plays, history, bios, video, fun stuff and much more.

 Society of British Theatre Designers (SBTD) 

Good online picture gallery, reports of exhibitions, jobs available

 Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers (SSDC) 

National independent labor union representing members throughout the United States and abroad. SSDC has jurisdiction over the employment of Directors and Choreographers in many areas of American theatre

 Special Broadway Ticket Offers  (Recommended by Neal Lattner.)

This is the most comprehensive online ticket discount community for broadway ticktes

 Stage&Screen Forum  (Recommended by Danin Adler.)

A comprehensive forum that includes a discussion list for theatre and film professionals, a journal of commentary, and Production Notebooks by actors and directors.
SCUDD represents the interests of Drama Departments in the University sector in the UK. It acts as a mediating body with institutions such as HEFCE and the Arts Council.

 Statements: an Athol Fugard site  (Recommended by Iain Fisher.)

The plays of Fugard along with his actors, books and films

 Steven Berkoff  (Recommended by Iain Fisher.)

The plays of Berkoff along with feedback, films and books

The theatre writers' group at Worcester Swan Theatre (UK). Workshops, contact with theatre professionals and competitions.

 TalentBank  (Recommended by Mark Shrem.)

Free casting calls, advise, headshot/resume postings and more...FREE

 The Costume Site 

Great resource for designers anxious to get the period right

Making "The Era" newspaper a prime resource for theatre history available on CD rom in searchable format.

A complete resource for every individual and Company involved in Theater. Manage careers and productions with on-site software that automatically creates audience-viewable production pages.

MAP is an organization that helps Manitoba playwrights, and helps others to find Manitoba plays.

A 229-page Web-text on the art and craft of playwriting and film.

 The Rupert Graves Site  (Recommended by Martin Drurro.)

Very informative and constantly updated (normally every week)

 The Shepperd Website  (Recommended by Piers Shepperd.)

290 Web Links to Technical Production Companies (sorted by category e.g. lighting, sound, security etc)

 The South African Arts and Culture Hub  (Recommended by TJ de Klerk.)

The largest and only South African Arts and Culture Hub

This is a great place for technicians, designers and others to find employment opportunities. No fee.

 TheaterMania  (Recommended by Joe Corcoran.)

Most comprehensive site for live theater, discounts tickets our specialty

 Theatre Association of New York State (TANYS) 

Includes details of the annhual NY State Theatre Festival

 Theatre Ontario  (Recommended by Kay Kanbayashi.)

Theatre Ontario brings people and theatre together. We provide a central source of info on training, career opportunities, awards, publications and resources.

 Theatrefolk plays 

Toronto-based outfit specializing in marketing original plays, including material for high schools

A portal to the world of theater in Buenos Aires. First edition: November 1°/1999. In spanish.

 Tim Sheppard's Storytelling Resources  (Recommended by Tim Sheppard.)

The largest resource for the performance art of storytelling worldwide, including the official Storytelling FAQ.

 Tower Lighting 

Trade site by one of the biggest purveyors of lighting for the entertainment industry in the US. Illuminating...

 Triboro Youth Theatre  (Recommended by Vivian Humphrey.)

Triboro Youth Theatre’s (TYT) mission is to provide cultural enrichment for young people through the performing arts.

 Turkish Theatre  (Recommended by Kemal Basar.)

Actual news, companies, performances of Turkish theatre in English and Turkish. Also downloadable scripts of famous Turkish playwrights, a large stage photo gallery, articles, links etc.

 Turkish Theatre  (Recommended by Tolga Tezsevin.)

A very large source on Turkish theatre.

 UK Arts Archive  (Recommended by robert iles.)

archive of performance in the UK

 UK Theatre Web  (Recommended by robert iles.)

UK-wide theatre resource

Info about almost ALL theatres in Ukraine, library of young dramaturgy

 United States Institute for Theatre Technology  (Recommended by Judy Staicer.)

The website of the largest organization of performing arts designers and technicians in the US, with links to many other theatre related sites.

Virtual talent directory for Magicians and Clowns who are available for bookings, with live streaming video clips of the performers in action.

 Whatsonstage  (Recommended by robert iles.)

UK-wide theatre resource  (Recommended by charlotte knittel.)

german site: Links to most theatres with a homepage, short descriptions of more than 100 plays

Youth Arts Queensland is a great resource organisation and contact point for many young artists throughout the state.

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